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Faculty of Business and Administration

Executive Master in Business Administration in partnership with Tiffin University ( The programme is focused on the development of communication, leadership and teamwork, management of technological information, corporate finances, issues management, corporate strategy and analysis skills, through their comparison with competitors on the same market, national and global management. 

Business Consultancy in English. The programme respresents a structure which follows professional qualifications specific to business management. The alumni of this programme will acquire knowledge and skills specific to business consultancy, as teamwork, leadership, communication and negotiation in consultancy in Romanian and English, the knowledge of business field, the diagnosis of business, the calculation of costs, the use of computer in the simulation of business process etc. 

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UNESCO Department

The MA in Business Administration:

Coordinator: Professor PhD Petre Anghel, Professor PhD. Ilie Badescu

The courses taught are: Leadership and organizational culture; Business communication; Finance and accounting for managers; Organizational behavior; Elements of European culture; Management of human resources in multinational companies; Entrepreneurship skills and coaching for leadership; Competitive strategies and business performance; Research methods for managers; Theory and practice of business administration; International economic area; Entrepreneurship and internationalization; Human resources management; Theory and practice of business administration; Research seminar; Corporate social responsibility; Ethic of international relations; Corporate business security.

When finishing their studies, students sustain a dissertation paper on a theme discussed during the courses. This exam leads to the receiving of an MA diploma in one of those three specializations. For courses sustained in partnership, the institutions involved offer competence certificates.

Today the UNESCO Department has a number of over 120 students and another 50 PhD students who are scientifically guided by the Department’s professors from their colleges.
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