Mr. David deGroot from the Corporate Scholarship and Exchange Programs, Institute of International Education, Houston, Texas, USA ( will visit our faculty on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 and meet the candidates interested to pursue a MSc program in UK. The meeting will be at 14:00 in "Vasile Lazarescu" Conference Hall. Candidates eligible to apply are students in the final year of a geoscience degree program; recent graduates also welcome. Applicants should email our office if they have questions about the application,

The grant is supported by ExxonMobil. The aapplication is available from the program website:

The application guidelines and form can be accessed from the 'Apply' link. The deadline will be January 21st.

Applicants should fill out the online form, making sure to:

-Register 2-3 recommenders under application step 5

-Write the requested essays

-Upload a copy, preferably in English, of a university transcript showing the courses taken and the marks earned thus far.

-An English exam such as an IELTS would be a plus. However, given the short launch period for this first application cycle, it is not required. 

Mr. David deGroot would also like to give those students interested in applying an English exam. For students that have an English exam, whether it be the IELTS or the exam IIE administers, it will improve the application. Assuming a student does well, the exam will demonstrate to the scholarship review committee that English will not be an obstacle either in university admissions or in course work. An English exam will not be an application requirement this first cycle, but I encourage students to use it to demonstrate their knowledge. The exam takes two hours.







Last updated at: January 11, 2013.