Faculty of Philosophy

The Faculty of Philosophy is an essential institution for Romanian higher education and culture. In 1864, it became a founding faculty of the University of Bucharest, pursuant to the establishment resolution issued by Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Titu Maiorescu, Constantin Rădulescu Motru, Dimitrie Gusti, Nae Ionescu, P.P. Negulescu, Ioan Petrovici, Mircea Florian,  Tudor Vianu, Grigore Moisil were some of the scholars who lectured here. Between 1864 and 1893, the Faculty of Philosophy functioned together with the Faculty of Humanities as Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy. As from 1893, it became the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities.
The Faculty of Philosophy was established on 1 September 1860, by the Budget Law, at Ion Maiorescu’s proposal. At the time, it was called The Philosophical Faculty and its curriculum would include philosophy, history of Romania, classical literature, Latin and Greek. Read more...









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